Friday, January 20, 2012

Electronic Freedom - Victory

A vote was needed to destroy our electronic freedom;
Political bills called SOPA and PIPA were introduced by congress.
Designed to rule the lives of all in our kingdom,
It's ill intention was to control and to oppress.

Around the world thousands of websites turned off their lights;
Protesting in unison against corporate control and greed.
As true as it may be that online piracy should lose the fight,
The censoring of human rights can never become a governmental creed.

If we stand together as one on this new digital plane,
We will no longer have to punch away as individuals in the dark.
Focus your mind to help humanity keep the World a free domain,
Follow your instincts and be guided by your spiritual spark.

Let us create a higher state of consciousness that benefits all of mankind,
Let us defeat policies that attempt to destroy our freedom and individuality.
Together we can create miracles and leave times of suffering far behind.
We can defeat all the evil in our world and finally transform our spirituality.


Congratulations to all of you who made your voices heard,
Congratulations to all of you who stood up for your human rights.
The internet has given you an opportunity to give a voice to your soul.
Make it count.
Our individuality and freedoms are here to stay.

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